Merchant Lending

A partnership that helps your business grow

Let's face it.  It's a tough credit market out there. Your business will benefit by offering your customers a lending program that lets them finance your services more easily.

All of our lending decisions are made by our specially trained loan officers who look for ways to approve each loan application. The result is more approved loans.  And that means more sales for you!

When you partner with Compass Financial Federal Credit Union you will be able to offer a valuable service to your customers while increasing your sales and revenue.

Our application, approval and funding process is fast. For your customer, this means a fixed payment for a fixed term at a lower interest rate than a revolving credit line.  Plus there are no prepayment penalties.

  Unsecured Personal Loan Revolving Credit Cards
Rates Fixed rate as low as 10.75% After 0.00% promotion period,
21.00% to 29.00%
Loan Amount Minimum:  $ 2,500
Maximum: $10,000
Up to applicants available credit limit
Loan Term Up to 60 months No pre-payment penalty Revolving
Merchant Fees 3% of amount financed or
$100 whichever is greater
Average 4.25% of transaction

If you're not using the Compass Financial Merchant Lending Program, sign-up today!

You'll enjoy expanded business from our member base because we tell our members about your company through this website and our co-operative advertising program.

To sign-up for our Merchant Lending Program call 305-984-6418 or email