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Make The Most of Your Credit Score

Credit scores are a mystery to many people, especially when applying for your first auto loan or mortgage. First time borrowers and those with credit challenges are surprised to learn how their credit score can affect their ability to obtain a loan or even a new job.

That is why Compass Financial Federal Credit Union ( teamed up with KOFE to present a free credit workshop on the importance of credit scores. Among the topics covered in the free workshop were:

  • how credit scores work
  • how to obtain your credit score
  • how negative information could hurt a credit score
  • how much poor credit can cost over the life of loan
  • and steps to take to improve a credit score

The workshop as team effort coordinated by Beatriz Hartman, MBA of KOFE and presented by Jorge Ruiz, Community Outreach Coordinator and KOFE Instructor.

“We feel financial education is the backbone of financial success,” said Leo Acosta, President/CEO of Compass Financial Federal Credit Union, “this credit workshop was the first of many we have planned for our members to learn the ins and outs of credit.”