Savings & Club Accounts

Savings Accounts

Opening a Savings Account establishes your membership at Compass Financial Federal Credit Union.

You can build your balance with:

  • regular deposits
  • payroll deduction
  • direct deposit
  • automatic transfers (ACH)

Our tiered dividend earnings rewards you for saving.  The more you save the more you earn!

And remember, our savings accounts always earn above average dividends.

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Club Accounts

Compass Financial Club Accounts are excellent budgeting tools. By setting aside some of your money every payday, it's amazing how easy it is to have the money you need when you need it. Fund your account the easy way through payroll deduction, automatic electronic transfers or regular deposits by mail or in person. You'll be earning dividends too!

Holiday Club

Don't let a tight budget dampen your holiday spirits. Starting a Christmas Club account and making regular deposits is one way to beat some of that holiday stress. You'll have the money for all those gifts and extra expenses and avoid the after Christmas Spenders remorse. Your funds will be transfered to your savings account automatically on November 1st!

Vacation Club

Too much work and not enough play? Don't let a lack of funds keep you from taking a well deserved vacation. Whether your idea of a vacation is snow boarding in Colorado or simply soaking up the rays in your backyard you'll have the money you need when you want it. There are no restrictions on this account so when you're ready to recharge, your money will be ready for you!

Name Your Own Club Account

Buying a house? Planning for a new baby? Or, how about that Plasma TV you've been eyeing? Whatever you have in your future a Name Your Own account allows you the flexibility to personalize the account with a name that suits your needs, that way you have a reminder of what you are saving for. Your money is available at any time, and it continues to grow with dividendsuntil you withdraw it.

Click for Current Dividend Rates