Direct Deposit & Payroll Transfers

Direct Deposit

Paychecks, social security checks, child support payments or any reoccurring deposits you receive can be set up for Direct Deposit. As an added convenience, Compass Financial can set up your account to automatically distribute your directly deposited funds to your Savings, Checking, Club Accounts and even set aside money for loan payments!

Benefits of Direct Deposit

  • There are no checks which can be lost or stolen
  • Payments reach your account even if you are out of town, sick or unable to get to the Credit Union. Monies are deposited even if there's a Hurricane or other weather disturbances.
  • Saves time. gas and avoids unnecessary trips to the Credit Union.
  • Qualify for loan discounts and higher dividends with Compass Perks.
  • Many employers allow you to send monies to more than one financial institution every payday at no cost to you!

To sign up for Direct Deposit, please complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form and either fax it to 786-353-9814, attention Member Services; or email it to

Automatic Payroll Transfers

You tell us how much, when and from where and Compass Financial will automatically handle it for you!

Make Savings Easy: We can set up money to be transferred from your Checking Account to your Savings Account or even transfer funds from your Compass Financial account to another financial institution*. Watch your savings grow with this simple step.

Pay your Loan: We can set up an account that accrues money every payday and pays your Compass Financial loan when it's due - talk about convenience.

Young Savers Accounts: Schedule a regular amount to be deposited into a Young Savers Account for your child, grand-child or other young person once a month or every payday. You decide how much and how often and we'll take care of the rest.

Compass Financial can easily help you achieve your goals and make taking control of your finances easier.

Speak to a Member Service Representative today for the best solutions to fit your lifestyle.

*No charge for recurring APEX.